Role models in Business

One of my main role models in business has been Charlie Mullins, the founder of Pimlico plumbers. I first noticed a programme on TV about this company when I was in my early 20s. There was something that caught my eye about this business. They were different in many ways to other companies that I had seen. I then saw the company pop up again a few times on YouTube. That’s when I began to learn more about the man behind this business. The main reason why he has been a role model for me is his story.
If you’d like to know more about this, you can get a copy of his book via Amazon. The book is called “Bog-standard business”.

The other main reason was how the business was being constructed. The attention to detail, the systematic way the business was run, and of course: the van livery, the uniform, the branding etc.
It left an impression on me that any business that took the time to construct itself like what I was seeing must be good. Their obvious success was speaking loud and clear for themselves. One day I thought I’d like to meet this man.
So, I wrote an email to his PR director Karl Plunkett. I was very surprised to get a positive response. I was invited up to the headquarters to watch the switch-on of their Christmas lights. Karl said this would be the best way to meet him to get some informal business advice.
The evening went well I had a couple of Christmas drinks and got to talk with some of the employees of the company, whose enthusiasm for the business was very good. During the evening I was able to talk to the main man himself as well which was good. Since then, I’ve continued to learn a lot through this business by watching it grow year on year, And by reading his story via his book. It is truly inspirational seeing someone bring to life what is possible.

By working in a correct manner and having the passion to create a business that serves its purpose.

Also, the influence he has had on his community by creating work for others young and old; offering a place where young people can gain some real-life work experience through apprenticeships. And most importantly the quality service he was able to offer his community when others weren’t able to step up to the plate. He did emphasise that this would not have been possible without his team.

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